Thursday, May 28, 2015

Healthy secret Behind Watermelon Seed

For those of you who used to buy or consume watermelon without seeds, stop. Begin eating watermelon seeds. Not only the fruit, watermelon seeds also provide many health benefits. Therefore, consume watermelon seeds.

Here is the secret behind healthy watermelon seeds:

1. Sources of natural amino acids: The human body needs amino acids to various body functions. Get a body in the form of acid glutamic acid and tryptophan.

Although it can be obtained from the drugs that are available today, but the doctors always advise to get the acid from natural sources. Watermelon seeds are a natural source of the acid. Consuming watermelon seeds can increase the metabolic system, sexual health, and cardiovascular organ systems.

2. Inventory magnesium: Magnesium is one of the most important minerals the body needs every day. In the opinion of medical science, 100 grams of watermelon seeds provide 139 percent of the required amount of magnesium to the body. This can speed up the metabolism, protein synthesis, and normalize blood pressure. In addition, control of diabetes and hypertension.

3. Sexual health: It is one of the most significant health benefits of watermelon seeds. These seeds contain lycopene and some vitamins. It is very good for sexual purposes. Increase capacity of male fertility. The presence of some vitamins are good enough to get healthy blood. They maintain the activity of the nervous system and build a stronger immune system.

4. Against Diabetes: If you have diabetes, then boiled in water melon seeds for 40-45 minutes. It can be the same as you enjoy tea every day. It can fix deficiencies that cause diabetes.

5. Sharpen Memory: watermelon seeds can build the strength of memory. Consuming watermelon seeds can help sharpen memory retention.

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