Tuesday, May 26, 2015

We suggest that the consumption of sugar and tea without Milk

Many have already know that fruit and vegetable consumption is good for the body. In addition to donating vitamins andantioxidants necessary to banish the free radicals in the body, the seratnya can also help digestion. Although already know,there is a possibility if fruit and vegetable processing before consumption can make their benefits reduced.

Actually not only fruit and vegetables only, a number of other foods can be processed or prepared in a way so that the effect of his erroneous can be decreased. Here are a few things to keep in mind when preparing or eating food, so that its benefits are not reduced much.

Black tea. Tea consumption we recommend that you do not use sugar. When adding the milk? Studies show that when you add milk to black tea antioxidants contained in the tea will not be affected. It's just that, cardiovascular benefits expected,could be affected.

The protein in the milk, tea, catechins can bind to components of flavonoids and antioxidants counteract the disease. So it makes more difficult the beneficial components absorbed by the body.
Broccoli. Broccoli is well populated with vitamin C, antioxidants, chlorophyll, and antikarsinogenik components. If you're used to boil the vegetables in this krusifera group, it is worth starting to reduce the habit.

Study in China in 2009 found that to get the health benefits of broccoli, steaming into the best cooking method. Whilesautéing and boiling will make many essential nutrients in broccoli are missing.

Strawberries. When used to cut the strawberries before eaten, it's good to stop the habit. Cut, said Kristy Del Coro, culinarySPECIALISTS, Certified senior nutritionist will expose more of the cells that make his nutritional elements to be ugly.Moreover, vitamin C found in strawberries, sensitivity to light and oxygen.

In addition, taking the frozen strawberries are also still okay. Considering the fact frozen products can withstand more nutrients.

Garlic. Unlike vitamin C, allicin (component contrarian cancer) in garlic, useful when exposed to air. Therefore, the Sara Haas,RDN, dietisi consultant and spokesman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommended to let the garlic which has been cut off for 10 minutes before mixing into foods. So its been really active.

Yogurt. Do not immediately removed the top of yogurt Greece when you will eat it. Because, as said Haas who is also achef, that section is whey protein and vitamin B12 and minerals of calcium and phosphorus.

So rather than throw them away, stir the yogurt before quickly eaten in order to retain the benefits of his senses. In addition, we recommend that you do not cook food with yogurt. Live and active cultures does not hold with heat and will be damaged in the process of ripening. However, protein, calcium, and vitamin D contained therein, will be retrieved.

Tomato. If you want to get into, phytochemicals likopen substance contrarian cancer and heart disease, Haas suggests tocook it first. Researchers from Cornell also found that the antioxidant content of tomatoes increases when heated to about87.8 degrees Celsius.

Grilled meats. Explained Tanya Zuckerbrot, RD, dietisi who practiced in New York City, grilling the meat at a high temperature over an open flame, can increase the risk of cancer. He was referring to the National Cancer Institute whowarned that the two chemicals that could potentially cause cancer IE heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatichydrocarbons (PAHs), formed when meat is cooked at high temperatures, such as when burned.

He advised not to depend on the color of the meat which is cooked to a food security measure. Instead, use a foodthermometer to indicate the minimum safe internal temperature when the meat is cooked as recommended by the USDA.

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