Sunday, May 31, 2015

How to Overcome Bedwetting Habits in the Elderly

Bedwetting is not just a problem in children, but also the elderly (the elderly). The ability to control the desire to urinate is based on several factors due to aging, such as pelvic floor muscle weakness, diabetes, or venereal disease infection.

Adjusting diet and fluid intake choose during the day can be used as a solution to overcome bedwetting habits of the elderly. Here are tips, as reported from Boldsky, Saturday (30/05/2015).

Apple vinegar

This can increase the acidity in the stomach that will resist the urge to urinate quickly.

Avoid spicy foods

When eating spicy food, you are certainly encouraged to drink more water. Avoid eating spicy foods, especially before going to bed, to prevent bedwetting at night.

Do not drink coffee and tea

Coffee and tea contains a diuretic that can increase urinary excretion. Thus, tea and coffee or caffeine before bed should be avoided.

Quit drinking several hours before bedtime

Reduce the amount of water you drink when you want a drink before bedtime. To reduce the desire to urinate at night, try to stop drinking the water four hours before going to bed.

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