Monday, May 4, 2015

Maintain beard Prevent Respiratory Risks

Bearded man not only looks sexy, but it can protect the face from the dust of the road that caused respiratory problems and skin problems.

Reported Timesofindia, Tuesday (05/05/2015), the following summarizes the four benefits Okezone maintain beards for men that you should know.

Prevent allergies

Men who grow beards and mustaches can ward off allergies caused by dust. Therefore dense fur that grows on the face, can filter out dirt that enters the respiratory system.

Reduce the risk of skin cancer

A recent study conducted at the University of Southern Queensland Australia states, beard and mustache very effective to protect skin from ultraviolet rays of approximately 95 percent. So the results of this study showed that men who grow beards can prevent skin cancer.

Slowing wrinkles

Exposure to sunlight is the main cause of skin damage and aging. However, if your beard, can automatically protect your skin from the signs of aging that makes the face wrinkles.

Reducing the risk of asthma

Beard and mustache was able to act to prevent the risk of asthma, you know. The reason, hair that grows dense on the face of this, providing protection against allergies of such as house dust mites, which acts as a trigger of asthma.

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