Monday, May 25, 2015

Habits that Cause Kidney Disorders

Kidneys are vital organs that filter material in the metabolism in the human body. Poor eating habits and the use of certain medications can result in a decrease in kidney performance to damage the kidneys.

Damage or decreased function can occur in a matter of years without being noticed. To keep the kidneys continue to work with the best performance, here are some things you need to watch out, as quoted from NaturalNews, Monday (25/05/2015)

Excess animal protein

Excessive consumption of animal protein, especially red meat, increases the metabolic burden on the kidneys. If the kidneys are working hard too often, the kidneys can be damaged over time and renal dysfunction.

Excess sugar

Scientific studies showed that people who ate two or more servings of sugary beverages each day more may experience leakage of protein in their urine. Urine contains more protein than normal is an early sign of kidney you bothered.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Diligently eating fresh vegetables and fruits are very important to your overall health and good renal function. Vitamin B6 and magnesium, for example, is very important to reduce the risk of kidney stones and kidney failure.

Abuse of painkillers

Many people use painkillers without a prescription and overuse. If painkiller used in excess, it can cause severe damage to the kidneys also liver.

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