Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ideal amount Eating Rice

Often we see there are some people that in every meal the amount of rice consumed far more than the side dishes. There is also consumed a little rice, but many side dishes. Then, exactly how ideal amount to eat rice for everyone? Here is the ideal amount to eat rice.

In the food pyramid, the complex carbohydrates occupy the bottom of the pyramid. That is the most widely consumed in quantity compared to other elements such as minerals, protein, and fat. However, it does not mean to consume excessive rice.

Keep in mind, the amount of carbohydrates to the body is about 50 to 60 percent of total body needs per day. So, the important thing is to meet the amount of carbohydrates needed by the body in a day.

Physician Nutrition Dr. Luciana B Sutanto, MS. SpGK practicing in RSIA Gladiool, Magelang, say, each person has a different amount of rice consumption depending on the needs of the body. The body needs are also affected by, age, physical activity, sex, height and weight, and health or disease.

"When mealtime is difficult to consume rice in small amounts can be offset by increasing the side dishes such as vegetables, tofu, or other proteins," he said.

Luciana gives bebeberapa method used to determine the ideal amount of rice we consume. First, based on the fist. Fist considered able to meet the needs of the body number of each person. Second, eat rice around six to nine tablespoons per meal is able to meet 50 to 60 percent carbohydrates to the body.

"Each person is different fist. Thus, it can be said is the ideal amount to eat rice for each person, but all of it back again and the body needs all the influence it had, "said Luciana who is also the Director RSIA Gladiool.

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