Monday, May 4, 2015

Reasons Pineapple Good for Women's Health

Pineapple is fresh to eat. But not a few myths women are forbidden to eat pineapple.

Some say pineapple is not good for pregnant women, because it can cause contractions and miscarriage. Though there are no studies that show strong evidence of linkage between them. Precisely, pineapple good for consumption to be taken nutritional benefits.

There also are refusing to eat pineapple because the acid can increase stomach acid, so it must be rejected by people with ulcer disease. Though pineapple acid is harmless and can help the environment becomes more alkaline stomach. Pineapples can even help with digestive problems in pregnant women.

Pineapple contains manganese, vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and vitamin C, and bromelain are good for maintaining and repairing various body systems. The benefits of pineapple are no longer in doubt by women, as reported by the Healthmeup, Sunday (02/05/2015)

Healthy skin

The presence of vitamin C in the pineapple is not only helps treat acne and other inflammatory skin. Pineapple enzyme bromelain in treating inflammation by increasing the strength of vitamin C.

Lowered waistlines

Many women who yearn for a slim stomach. Pineapple can help you make it happen. High water content and low in fat makes pineapple fruit is good for a healthy diet and provide energy without a lot of calories.

Overcome PMS

Bromelain helps relax the muscles that cramp when entering the menstrual period. It also offers help to heal the pain of menstrual cramps and other PMS symptoms.

Treat morning sickness

This is a benefit that can be obtained pineapple pregnant women. Pineapple consumption in the first trimester good to deal with complaints of nausea or morning sickness.

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