Sunday, May 24, 2015

Water bath Warm or Cold Water, Different Benefits

The shower is a very important part in maintaining personal hygiene. There are people who prefer to shower with warm water every morning, but others consider a shower with cold water more refreshing.

Whatever you choose, the temperature of the water that we use turns out to have different benefits.

Warm water bath
- The warm water has a property to release tension and muscles are stiff. If the shower you have a strong enough pressure will be even better. Sore and tired all day can be lost because you like being massaged at the neck, shoulders, and back.

- Research shows, bath with warm water may increase oxytocin levels and relieve anxiety. Therefore, if you feel under stress there is no harm in indulging in a warm water.

- Bath with warm water can also be a natural decongestant to relieve flu symptoms because water vapor will moisten the airways.

- When a mild fever bath with warm water may help to reduce the discomfort of the body and restore the body temperature back to normal.

Cold shower
- Shower with cold water actually very good for the body. In the morning, shower with cold water for 5 minutes can help create a "shock" the body so that we are more fresh.

- Changes in water temperature that instant will also help relieve soreness and increase awareness.

- Shower with water temperatures in mountainous areas (about 20 degrees) for two to three minutes every day is recommended, especially for those who are depressed.

- Shower with cold water is also better for the skin and hair. Warm water will actually make the skin more dry, cold water while it moisturizes and cope with hair that is dry and cracked.

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