Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fruits Rich in Vitamin C Mandatory Eaten Every Day

Vitamin C is very useful for keeping the immune system, so as to ward off various diseases. There are four types of fruits rich in vitamin C are recommended to be eaten each day as follows.


We all know that orange is a source of vitamin C at most. In spite of this, according to a recent survey, the aroma of the fruit is also known to increase a person's mood that makes him happy all day.


One bowl of green pepper is known to contain about twice the amount of vitamin C. You should also cultivate paprika as salad, pizza topping, or mixed vegetable stir-fry for a spicy flavor enhancer.


The red strawberry is an ideal snack. Not only that, the fruit is known to be a source of fiber, manganese and rich in vitamin C. Strawberry suited processed into a smoothie or fresh juice.


Papaya is known to prevent constipation and smooth bowel movement (BAB). Therefore, identical fruit grown a lot in the summer it contains vitamins A, C, potassium and fiber. Thus was launched Timesofindia, Sunday (05/17/2015).

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