Tuesday, October 18, 2016

4 Ways "Gadget" Hurting the Body

You probably already know that cell phones could hurt the neck, back and shoulders. This is something of concern to researchers and clinicians for over five years lately. But, what about the selfie? Or typing a long text in the gadget?

Equally risky negative, Jocelyn said Szeto, MD, a sports physician at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and Memorial Hermann Ironman Sports Medicine Institute in the Texas Medical Center.

Thus Szeto explanation why some fun activities using the gadget, considered to be harmful to health.


Being narcissistic demands that we find the best angle of the face, not the best angle for the joints. Not infrequently joint angle not in a position bent ergonomic for 10 to 15 seconds at a time selfie, said Dr. Szeto.

Without realizing it, when we are too often selfie, will form a small wound on the hand muscles associated with the elbow joints and cause inflammation.

The fix: Reduce the narcissistic attitude, give your muscles time to rest. Or ask a friend take a photo for you.

Playing games

Qwerty keyboard or touch screen on the tablet requires us to actively move and stretch your thumb while playing the game. It can cause inflammation of the tendons in the thumb. Dr. Szeto noted that this could also have negative effect on the index finger tendon.

The fix: break every few minutes while you're on the phone or tablet to avoid excessive use of the thumb.


The gadget can cause problems with posture, because it often makes us forced down while typing.

Holding a tablet or mobile phone under the eyes is the most comfortable position for the arm, but not to the neck. When lowered, the neck muscles distressed at having to work extra prop up the head and this will cause tension in the muscles.

The fix: prop your tablet on a table at eye level when you are typing or watching a movie on your tablet. Do not forget to relax and stretch the muscles every few minutes.

Watching TV

For the sake of aesthetics, we often put the TV in a position that requires us to look up or craning his neck when watching it. TV hostile position is also often occur in public spaces, such as a hospital waiting room or even in a restaurant near the house.

The problem, as for too long looked down, craning his neck for too long can also cause excess pressure on the muscles of the neck, shoulders and back.

The fix: You should always put the TV at eye level, said Dr. Szeto, so you look straight ahead instead of craning his neck. In this way, the neck and spine will be in a neutral position.

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