Sunday, October 23, 2016

Make Healthy Snacks Without Oil

Vegetables and fruits are no longer in doubt beneficial for the body. Processing is not always monotonous as ever. First fruits are often eaten immediately or only into juice. While the vegetables are made to be a companion heavy meals.

Seeing the development of a healthy lifestyle is getting better, fruits and vegetables begin to be processed with more modern. One of them became a snack chips without pengorengan processes such as Harvest.

By using a Vacuum Fryin, it is possible drying fruit or vegetables laiknya fried. Do not use oils and processed in a temperature of 80 degrees makes the properties of fruits and vegetables remain.

"It's the nutritional content does not change, if the change was due to be cooked to a temperature of 100 degrees," said Budi Tanaka Harvest sellers who participate fill tenat in Fair Indonesia, South Tangerang BSD ICE.

Given variant also varied. For vegetables in a jar can be various kinds of vegetables, such as octa, unggi yam, Japanese yam, zucchini, baby beans, wotel, potatoes, and mushrooms. While a variety of fruit consisting of bananas, kiwi, apple, papaya, star fruit, and jackfruit.

Do not worry about changing tastes so bad. Quite apart from the original flavor of vegetables and fruit, Harvest using mushroom extract. The resulting flavor is quite mild savory but not like when we eat fried food. For the price, an average of one small jar of Rp 90 thousand and for most large size Rp 250 thousand.

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