Monday, October 3, 2016

Make Easy Sweet Spot Fart

While being engrossed in eating cassava, perhaps you are reminded of a friend who said, "watch later fart!".

The sentence is true. Eating sweet potatoes such as purple potatoes, white potatoes, and yellow yam, it could trigger a fart or flatulence.

Professor of Food and Nutrition from Bogor Agricultural University, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ali Khomsan, MS explained, the sweet potato is a complex carbohydrate and high in fiber. Ubi is not easily digested, so it ferments in the gut by bacteria that trigger gas, and there was a fart.

"Potential for their gas that ferment earlier. But, it is sensitive to the person. Do not be generalized if discharged directly cassava meal fart," Ali said in Jakarta, Monday (03/10/2016).

Moreover, it also depends how much the consumption of sweet potatoes and how the cooking process. Typically, the sweet potato is eaten with just boiled.

According to Ali, the more processed, potatoes do not trigger more gas. Then, if eating sweet potatoes also causes the aroma becomes more smelling gas emissions? According to Ali is not the case.

Thus, consumption of sweet potatoes are not always trigger flatulence. Sweet potato even beneficial for health.

Purple yam for example, contain antioxidants called anthocyanins for anti-inflammatory and anticancer. Anthocyanins also supports the balance of good bacteria, so healthy digestion and ultimately boost the immune system.

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