Monday, October 31, 2016

Sweet potato, Snack Healthy Not Make You Fat

Avoid eating snacks high in sugar in order to lose weight, but the stomach began to feel hungry in the afternoon? You can choose steamed sweet potatoes are rich in healthy benefits as a snack. This beriku sweet potatoes three ways to help you lose weight.

Satisfying food craving sweet and salty at once

The sweet potato has a sweet taste of natural sugar, as well as natural savory flavors typical of tubers. It will satisfy your desire to eat sweets with artificial sugar or salt containing high.

Although it contains some carbohydrates, sweet potato contains fewer calories, because it contains a natural fiber plant. Thus, it can be a healthy snack filling.

Keeping blood sugar levels

Sweet potatoes with the size of a fist, it contains about 33 grams carbohydrates, but the sweet potato contains compounds that increase levels of adiponectin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar in the body.

Plus a low glycemic index, sweet potatoes will help prevent spikes in blood sugar after a meal. In addition, several studies have shown that low glycemic foods will be in the digestive tract longer, which can help control appetite.

To maintain a low glycemic properties, is the best way of cooking by boiling or steaming, instead of grilling and frying. Baking, frying moreover, would destroy some of the good content.

Source of fiber and vitamin A

Foods high in fiber are key to controlling hunger. Fiber also helps you feel full longer, and one medium-sized sweet potato or a fist, contains 4 grams of nutrition and vitamin A.

Vitamin A itself will help boost immunity and promote eye health of skin, bones, and improve anti-inflammatory antioxidants.

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