Sunday, October 9, 2016

Million Noni Benefits for Your Health

Noni is a plant typical of the tropics. The fruit is used to make juice and some into raw material to make capsules, tablets and teas.

Here are some of the benefits of noni magic, as reported by Livestrong, Friday (10/07/2016). Noni fruit has antioxidants that can boost immunity and can treat tumors.

Moreover, noni can also lower cholesterol and can cure heart disease. Smokers can cause high cholesterol from oxidative stress, the researchers conducted a study to examine the effects of noni fruit.

The study involved 132 participants described as a heavy smoker. Participants drank noni juice for a month. The results showed that drinking 29-188 milliliters of noni fruit juice significantly reduced total cholesterol and increase levels of high density lipoprotein good form of cholesterol.

Noni also reducing low density lipoprotein cholesterol bad shape. The result has been published in The Scientific World Journal.

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