Monday, October 17, 2016

Useless Healthy Eating If Stress

A recent study in Molecular Psychiatry concluded that prolonged stress can damage the healthy benefits of a healthy diet that you have done.

In this study, researchers recruited dozens of female participants to engage directly related to the number of interviews stressful events they experienced in everyday life.

For several weeks, the respondents were asked to eat foods high in saturated fat and interspersed with foods low in saturated fat. After eating, the immune response of each woman was assessed by measuring blood levels of four molecules of different responses.

The results concluded, if a woman is not experiencing stress, which in conditions of peace, then the body will release a high inflammatory response to foods high in saturated fat and lower inflammatory responses to a healthy diet (low in saturated fat).

Saturated fat alone has been shown to increase inflammation in the body.

Unfortunately, when the woman experiences stress, the body's inflammatory response to healthy foods turn into the same height as foods high in saturated fat.

In other words, if a person experiences stress, the body responds to food in the same way, whether the food is healthy or not. Thus, eating healthy though still can trigger inflammation in the body.

When the inflammatory response continues, it can refer to chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation itself is associated with conditions such as immune decline, arthritis and even heart disease. Good diet and stress, both rated highly influence the body's inflammatory response.

So to be truly healthy, healthy diet and stress are interrelated components.

In addition to a healthy diet, you can use methods such as breathing exercises, meditation, or yoga to help cope with the stress that is difficult to control.

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