Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Smoking Dad, Kids Have Asthma Risk

For smokers, think about the health of those around you, especially family. According to recent research published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, children whose father smokers have an increased risk of asthma tripled.

During this time, a number of studies have shown that mothers who smoke during pregnancy risk having children with asthma. Apparently, the habit of smoking by the father was also influential.

According to this study, nicotine in cigarettes has been damage male sperm cells and ultimately affect the child's genes. The study involved 24,000 children. Researchers observed when men began to smoke and see their child's health risks.

Those who smoke since early childhood, before the age of 15 years were very much at risk of health problems in the sperm. So, not only influenced the smoking habit once married, but long before that.

"Paternal smoking, both before conception (fertilization), a threefold risk of having children with asthma compared to those fathers who had never smoked before," says Cecilie Svanes professor at the University of Bergen in Norway.

In fact, if you stop smoking before conception, it will affect your baby. According Cecilie, duration of smoking, for example, from adolescence to before marriage, it greatly affects sperm cells.

These findings add more evidence that how the behavior of men before conception to be very important for the future health of her baby. Bad habits such as smoking man turned out to affect sperm and genetic.

Other studies have ever found men who smoked marijuana more than once a week decreased sperm count 29 percent of men do not smoke.

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