Thursday, January 19, 2017

9 Ways To Living Well Old

Who would not want to live well until old age. It seems almost everybody wants it. but to be mewujudkanya, there are some things you should do. We can not always rely on salary, though a big salary. If your consumption level is very high, then the big paycheck will not even make yourself prosperous until old age.

On the contrary, although the money income is not too big, but you are able to organize and make their posts well, it is possible also to prosper in later old age. Here are nine rules that must be obeyed, if you want financial Sejahtera until old age.

Take advantage of Office Facilities
If the place of work, it provides some facilities to work, then it could use them for a little frugality. These facilities are usually in the form of borrowing money to purchase a vehicle. In addition, office facilities are also usually present in the form of other funds that can be utilized by karyawanya. Frugality certainly will be maximal.

Set aside a minimum of 30 Percent Revenue
It seems, put aside the money is the most popular, in order to plan your finances well. If you already understand, begin to set aside at least 30 percent of income. The value of 30 percent is not an absolute figure for the savings, if it is deemed severe enough to set aside 30 per cent, could start with 15 percent for savings. However, try to savings percentage should increase steadily.

Creating an Emergency Fund
Although the current financial condition is improving, you should immediately create an emergency fund in case. Emergency funds will be useful in some instances, such as when a sudden job loss, suffering from serious illness or unfortunate that we never know when it will happen. Suggested, the amount of this emergency fund equal to 4 months of expenditures.

Try Investing in Stocks
It seems not many people who take advantage investing in stocks like these. Because, most of them do not want to take the risk to invest in stocks. Not long ago, the Indonesia Stock Exchange informed about the service "saving shares" that could be applied. The system works just like saving money in the bank. You will have stocks of issuers that have good prospects for the maximum profit.

Buying a Home Within Budget
Buying a home is also one thing that many people do when I want to live to be more prosperous. Try to buy a house that is in accordance with the financial situation. To avoid confusion in determining buying a home that fits your budget simply could count. If the income of Rp 5 million per month, then ideally be able to buy a house worth Rp 300 million. That means if a salary under $ 5 million, the price of houses can be had for under 300 million.

Always Track Spending
In financial planning, you should always keep track of the expenses themselves. Track, where the money that has been earned each month. If you want more practical matter, today's era are becoming more sophisticated, use multiple applications on a smartphone, to help facilitate the recording of such expenditures.

Want to Buy Four Wheel vehicle, use Formula 4/20/10
If you want to have a car, can afford to pay a down payment of 20 percent and preferably if taking credit financing, it did not pay the installments exceed 4 years. In addition, you also have to keep spending on transportation has no more than 10 percent of income.

Used to Pay Taxes
As a good citizen of Indonesia, must obey the tax. Do not take to pay taxes due to any time, tax debt will always be charged and payable. In terms of taxes, the government also has a tax debt reserves of all taxpayers in the region of Indonesia. Always pay taxes on time.

Buy goods for Long Term
Purchase of goods which has good quality and can survive in the long term. Avoid buying perishable goods, so it tends to want to buy it again. We recommend that you take advantage of the money for something useful such as buying books, travel to fun places and meet new people, or take a course.

After making financial planning, of course, you should begin to limit excessive spending and divert it to something more useful, like a couple of steps above. It is hoped the old days would have been better, with not a lot of expenditure. Living with more prosperous course can be obtained.

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