Thursday, January 26, 2017

Frequent consumption due Kids Snacks Containing MGS

Monosodium glutamate or what is known as MSG is often added to food in order to feel more tasteful. There was little food in packaging or processing plant that contain MSG.

Savory taste of MSG that makes a lot of kids love snacks snack packs in shops. Nutritionists from the Ministry of Health Health Polytechnic Jakarta II, Dr. Marudut, MPS said that children should not be introduced early foods that contain added MSG.

"When children become a habit of eating the savory, later with other foods that spelled bad. Children become unwilling healthy diet is diverse," said Marabut in discussion Smart Frisian Flag Indonesia in Jakarta, Thursday (26/01/2017).

Children will prefer consumption of savory snacks such as crisps, rather than nutritionally balanced healthy foods such as vegetables or fruit that tastes did not segurih snacks.

This will certainly be a problem for children still in the growth process. Nutritionally balanced food intake is very important for children to grow up healthy and smart.

"Because it is more like a tasty, healthy children so no eating. So if the child likes the snacks being watched," said Marabut.

Nevertheless, the use of MSG as a flavor enhancer in food are allowed, as long as not excessive.

Marabut revealed, MSG was actually already occurs naturally in some foods, such as tomatoes and beans that contain glutamate. So it's best, the food did not need dberi added MSG to be more tasteful.

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