Tuesday, January 24, 2017

5 Natural Ways to Lower High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is a health problem that is extremely common. Hypertension is generally caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

People who have hypertension should control his blood pressure. Therefore, uncontrolled hypertension can facilitate the onset of complications such as stroke to heart disease.

As quoted from Time.com, here are some natural ways that can be applied to lower high blood pressure.

1. Sports
Regular exercise provides a tremendous benefit to the body. One of them is keeping the blood pressure remained stable.

According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise 30 minutes per day of the week shown to lower blood pressure is approximately 4-9 mmHg.

2. Inhale deeply
Breathing exercises, such as slow breathing and draw a deep breath can make you more relaxed when you're stressed or preoccupied.

This method also helps reduce high blood pressure. In addition, good breathing exercises to increase blood flow.

3. Relaxation
Stressful conditions can be bad for blood pressure and heart. Some studies indicate, anger or stress can release hormones that make the heart beat faster, narrows blood vessels and increased blood pressure.

Well, when the stress hit, try to relaxation, such as yoga or meditation to be more relaxed.

4. Reduce coffee and alcohol
Excessive alcohol consumption can raise blood pressure and lead to other health problems.

In addition, in some sensitive individuals, caffeine in coffee can also increase blood pressure and heart rate. Coffee and alcohol should be reduced when you have high blood pressure.

Meanwhile, the tea is considered not to cause problems for blood pressure, because some studies show, sipping a cup of tea helps the blood vessels relax.

5. Eat blueberries and yoghurt
More natural way to help lower blood pressure is to consume blueberries and yoghurt.

A study at Florida State University in 2015 found that eating blueberries a day can reduce blood pressure and makes the blood vessels are not rigid.

Meanwhile, abundant probiotics in yogurt can also keep blood pressure remained stable.

In a 2014 study, probiotics not only healthy digestion, but also helps lower blood pressure and blood sugar.

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