Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Keeping Fruits and Vegetables Stay Fresh

Fruits and vegetables must be consumed in order to keep it fresh before the vitamin and mineral content remains plentiful. Storage of fruits and vegetables became one of the things that need attention.

Doctors Lula Kamal revealed, storage of fruits and vegetables that is not right can destroy nutrients in fruits, especially vitamin. Lula said the vitamin is very sensitive to air, oxygen, and heat.

"For example, spinach folic acid a lot, but if one bit, folic acid can be lost, reduced to 50 percent. Spot it's not just for satiety, need nutrition too," Lula said at the launch of Elextrolux Nutrifresh fridges in Jakarta, Wednesday (18 / 1/2017).

To that end, according to Lula, storage in the refrigerator also needs to be considered. If the refrigerator is too cold with no humidity, fruit and vegetables in it can actually dry. As with human skin, if linger in a cold room without hydrated, the skin will be dry.

"Cold guard let baseball wilt and inhibit bacteria. But it should be moist as well," said Lula.

Meanwhile, according to Product Marketing Manager Food Preservation & Home Comfort PT Electrolux Indonesia, Hendra Prima Pawitra, the technology used in the refrigerator it can affect the quality of food, especially fruits and vegetables.

With the technology of refrigerators that can keep the water content, the refrigerator is not just a cold, but the humidity is maintained. With so fruit and vegetables are still visible even stay fresh until the 7th day.

"You can see for example, carrots are stored in the refrigerator with technology FreshShield Crisper still in good condition on the 7th day. But if they are stored in a regular refrigerator, wortelmya already shrinking, wrinkles, color also changed. That's because the carrot shortage of water content," Hendra light.

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