Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Turmeric No Longer So "Superfood"

Turmeric has recently become warm conversation in the western hemisphere. These herbs believed to have health benefits. But apparently the latest research does not prove the efficacy of it.

A recent meta-analysis against 120 clinical trials and 5,000 published studies concluded that there was no serious doubt significant benefits of turmeric.

A group of researchers led by Kathy Nelson, a researcher from the University of Minnesota Institute for Therapeutics Discovery and Development found no double blind controlled clinical trials (the best kind of research) to curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, which proved to have an impact on human health.

This news certainly surprising for fans of turmeric that lately many dala add turmeric to drink a latte and a variety of cuisines.

Turmeric gained a reputation as a magic ingredient because of its ability that may help prevent diabetes, prevent heart attacks and even fight cancer.

Herbs this one even became 10 superfood of the most sought after in the United States in 2016.

Most scientists tested the pure curcumin in the lab when researching turmeric. The way we eat, cook with the heat may have an impact on the effectiveness of the health benefits that may exist.

"Maybe there is something useful in turmeric," said Nelson. But curcumin is probably not a good component for human health as originally expected scientist.

Not all studies on curcumin were evaluated Nelson meets the best practice for a controlled study.

This could mean that although the study controlled, kimawi expected results seemed beneficial under further review it is actually a "false activity".

The results of this study does not mean we should stop eating turmeric. As noted by Nelson, there is anecdotal evidence that it is beneficial condiments separately such health help overcome a cold or as a topical medication to cope with insect bites.

Turmeric could be more effective when paired with other spices such as black pepper.

Nothing wrong still sipping berkunyit such as herbs turmeric, tamarind or latte turmeric. Just do not make it as a miracle for healing.

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