Monday, January 2, 2017

Five Health Trends Before Abandoned in 2017

Health trends continue to change at any time. Most of these trends are good for health, but some will membahaykan. CBS 10 News summarizes health trends that should no longer be adopted in 2017.

Cooking with Coconut Oil

Kardiologs and director of the Cardiovascular Prevention and Wellness at National Jewish Health Dr Andrew Freeman said coconut oil consumption was considered to be healthy. Whereas the consumption of coconut oil can "donate" the fat in large quantities and certainly not good for health

Therefore, the American College of Cardiology recommend that people avoid using these tropical oils. Coconut oil consumption is not recommended because the risk of major causes blockage of the arteries.

Freeman said that this has been proven in animal studies. Coconut oil was given to mice to promote atherosclerosis or a condition in which fat builds up in the walls of arteries. Therefore, Freeman said there was no guideline recommends consumption of coconut oil because it has a high saturated fat content. "Coconut oil is not a superfood," Freeman said.

Drinking Water Too Much All Day

Consumption of water is good for health in mind. However, water consumption is too many not necessarily be able to dispose of toxins in the body as long as this is believed to society.

Professor of Parelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Dr. Stanley Goldfarb say the human body is' efficient water regulator engine. Thirst is designed to ensure that the body gets the required amount of water.

Drinking water measuring more than eight glasses of 8 ounces per day is not recommended for most people, except for soldiers in desert climates, athletes and people with special hydration needs.

"Not that we do not need water, 60-70 percent of body weight is water, but you also have a very good system that is designed to make sure you get the right amount of water," Goldfarb said.

Bone broth for Nutrition

Kalud bone is quite popular among people who have an awareness of good nutritional intake. Bone broth even staying to help digestion, boost immunity and can be vulnerary. Bone broth is also believed to mendetoksivikasi liver and decreased arthritis and inflammation.

Unfortunately, all this is not proven. Therefore, Dieticians terertifikasi of Brigham and Women's Hospital Linda Antinoro hope people do not use bone broth as a nutritional supplement.

"Bone broth is associated with many nutrition-related claims, but no proven through research," said Antinoro.

On the other hand, research in 2013 showed that the bones of meat can contain heavy metals. Bone broth may carry a risk of lead contamination.

Nobody Snack After Dinner

Consumption snackdua hours after dinner is basically not a diet destroyer. By contrast, consumption of snacks in the evening can bring good for food consumed as a snack is a healthy diet and weight.

"Eating after 20:00 swordfish always make you gain weight unless you eat foods low in nutrients in large quantities," said a clinical professor of the University of Washington at once doctors at Seattle Children's Hospital Dr. Michelle Terry.

Consumption of snack in the evening can also be a healthy choice for diabetics. Terry said that diabetics are advised to eat an evening snack with protein and calories by 150 calories and 15 grams of carbohydrates.

"Before going to bed, (snack night) can help control blood sugar levels. And if you feel hungry before bedtime, snack consumption can also help you sleep better," said Terry.

In general, the evening snacks are recommended to be free of the salt content, carbohydrates, and calories and fat while in tow. Some healthy evening snack selection is small sized apple with peanut butter or a half cup of cottage cheese; half cup of Greek yogurt; the other, a cup of low or fat-free milk; a handful of fresh beans; or one serving of raw vegetables with low-fat dressing companion.

Yoga classes and Fitness, Summer

Yoga and fitness is a popular sport in the community. No wonder a lot of yoga and fitness classes are offered by different fitness centers. Yoga classes and fitness classes that heat is one of them.

Doctors distress daruat of Lenox Hill Hospital and a spokesman of the American College of Emergency Physicians Dr. Robert Glatter said yoga and fitness classes that heat can increase the risk of overheating. Hot temperatures can

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