Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Recent Research Reveals Dangers Back Too Much Red Meat

Two recent studies again proved the danger of too much red meat consumption for health. The first study published in the journal Gut found that consumption of red meat can increase the risk of diverticulitis.

Divertikulisis is inflammation of the lining of the intestine. This disease started usually found in young children. The study involved about 46,500 people who are part of a national study for 26 years.

Those who eat too much red meat have an increased risk of diverticulitis by 58 percent.

Andrew Chan, MD, of Massachusetts General Hospital, said more research is needed to see how red meat could lead to diverticulitis. However, the current investigation has shown that the consumption of meat in large quantities can change the balance of bacteria in the gut.

Conditions that could ultimately affect the immune response and become prone to inflammation.

The researchers also found, replace the portion of red meat with fish or poultry can reduce the risk of diverticulitis by 20 percent.

Then, a second study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, found that consumption of red meat may increase the severity of breast cancer to cause death.

The study was conducted on 1,500 breast cancer patients for about 18 years. In that time, 600 women died.

Research shows that women who love to eat red meat grilled and smoked prior to breast cancer diagnosis had a 23 percent increased risk of an early death.

High temperatures when cooking red meat has been shown to produce inflammatory compounds that are carcinogenic. The mechanism that could increase the risk of cancer. Red meat is also known to high cholesterol and saturated fat.

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