Thursday, January 26, 2017

Prevent Cancer, Do not Bake Bread Too Mature

Starchy food such as bread, chips, or baked potato should not be too long because it can increase the risk of cancer.

UK Food Standards Institution said the cooking process (roasted, grilled, or fried) in a high temperature for too long can cause the formation of acrylamide is carcinogenic.

Acrylamide can be found in many types of food and is the result of the cooking process. Highest levels of acrylamide in food with starch cooked at temperatures over 120 degrees Celsius, for example chips, bread, biscuits, cakes, and roasted coffee beans.

The longer the foodstuff is cooked, the more acrylamide is formed. Therefore, researchers in the UK recommends that starchy foods cooked until golden color and not left until brown.

Animal studies have shown, acrylamide is toxic to DNA and lead to cancer. Therefore, experts assume it is also true in humans, although to date no conclusions.

The substance is also called a negative impact on the nervous and reproductive systems. Even so, the impact on humans depends on how often we eat.

Some experts argue and say the danger of acrylamide unclear.

"In fact, adults who frequently eat foods containing acrylamide need to consume 160 times more to reach dangerous limits and could increase tumors in animal models," said David Spiegelhater from the University of Cambridge.

Regarding the risk of cancer, experts say that needs to be avoided is a smoke cigarettes as four times more dangerous than acrylamide.

Other risk factors that have been known to trigger cancer include obesity and alcohol consumption. Experts from Cancer Research UK also said that the link between acrylamide and cancer in humans is unclear and inconsistent.

However, there is no harm in reducing the consumption of foods high in calories and contain acrylamide such as biscuits, crisps and fried foods also.

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