Tuesday, January 26, 2016

8 Healthy Good Drinks Consumed Before Breakfast

After 5-8 hours of sleep, your body needs fluid intake as soon as possible. Therefore, make it a habit meluangan time to drink soon after waking. In addition to meet the body fluids, drinking after waking up is also needed to flush toxins in the body.

It's good, you drink before eating any food. Because the kidneys require liquids to start doing its job in the morning. Among other benefits, consume fluids in the morning can also restrain the appetite, as well as to nourish the body.


This is the best fluid that is needed by the body. Drinking water can help speed up the body's metabolism by 25%. Water also flushes toxins in the body. Drink at least 500ml of water in the morning.

Lemon juice

Lemon water not only gives freshness, but also contain vitamins and minerals in it will give energy to your body. Lemon water can soothe muscles and joints, helps the heart, as well as helping bowel movements.

Garlic + water

Mash the garlic, mix into a glass of water, then drink. When you consume on an empty stomach, garlic will improve blood circulation, liver function, and help heal the body systems are not going well, with a content of antimicrobial.

Turmeric + water

Add a pinch of turmeric in a glass of water and drink in the morning. Antioxidants and anti-cancer properties of turmeric will work well in the morning. It will also minimize the levels of cholesterol and reduce inflammation in the body.

Green tea

A cup of green tea in the morning will stimulate your body's systems, making you feel active, boosting the immune system, minimizing cholesterol levels, help you lose weight and help you feel good.

Ginger tea

A cup of hot ginger tea is the best stimulant to wake you up and keep you energized. These drinks also contain vitamin C and magnesium. Contains anti-inflammatory properties, improves blood circulation and digestion, reduce stress and boost your immunity.

Vegetable juice

The best way to nourish your body with the vitamins and minerals in the morning is to eat green juice. Even if you are not sufficiently nutritious breakfast, drink vegetable juice before breakfast can meet the nutritional needs of the body.

Potato juice

This may sound a little strange. But drink potato juice in the morning can detoxify your system, help prevent cancer and kidney disease, lowering cholesterol levels, keep the digestive system, as well as keep the body's systems work well.

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