Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cactus Good for Lower Cholesterol

Desert, desert, prickly sharp as a needle. Maybe that will come to mind when you hear about a cactus plant. In fact, the cactus has a bad reputation among food lovers.

Surprisingly, this thorny plant is one of the most healthy plants to be included in the daily diet.

Because, cactus rich in vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to the body. In Latin America, the cactus into staple food usually served with eggs and salad.

Lowering Cholesterol
In a study conducted at the University of Vienna, found that cactus can lower cholesterol levels in the body. Cactus is known to reduce the risk of heart.

A total of 68 women who consumed the cactus shown to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in their bodies in just four weeks.

Cure diabetes
Increased blood sugar levels in the body can cause several diseases, including diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Eating cactus leaf may help lower blood sugar levels in patients suffering from obesity and diabetes.

Research conducted at the University of Vienna against 24 non-obese patients who consume cactus leaves showed a 11 percent drop in blood sugar levels.

Combating cancer
Phenolics and flavonoids are the two compounds with antioxidant properties contained in the cactus leaves. Antioxidants help protect healthy cells from damage by free radicals that are associated with heart disease and cancer.

Improve the digestive system
Eating cactus can also help improve the digestive process in humans. Nopales cactus species, help reduce cellulite.

Nopales can also increase the ability to maintain water levels in the body to speed up bowel movements. Foods rich in fiber reduces carcinogens and improve gastrointestinal health in humans.

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