Sunday, August 9, 2015

4 Amazing Facts Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a magical and unique. One of them, the composition of the milk differs from day to day. Here are four facts about breastfeeding:

1. The composition of breast milk for preterm birth mother is different from the mother's breast milk composition Normal Childbirth

The composition of breast milk in women who one will be different from the composition of mother's milk to another. For example, two mothers giving birth in the day, date, and time are the same. But the mother who gave birth at the age of 9 months of pregnancy, while the other mothers at the age of 7 months of pregnancy. Well, the milk is produced in accordance with the needs of babies born in each of the gestational age. Thus, the composition of breast milk in women who gave birth at the age of 9 months of pregnancy is intended for the needs of babies born at the gestational age. Likewise, the composition of breast milk in women who gave birth at seven months gestation intended only for the baby.

In addition, breast milk in women who are both gave birth at the age of 9 months of pregnancy is different, because the bacteria have ever had on each mother is different. A mother's breast milk, for example, contains bacteria that have ever obtained by the mother A. At B mother, his mother's milk also contains bacteria ever obtained by the mother. Thus, if a mother ever get dengue fever during pregnancy, for example, the baby has been protected from dengue virus after getting breast milk. But if the baby is breastfed by the mother A mother and who had never been in contact with dengue fever, the baby's mother A not protected from the virus.

2. The composition of breast milk vary from day to day.

ASI is divided into three types, namely weaned or colostrum which came out in 0-7 days after the mother gave birth; transitional milk, ie milk day 7 to day 10; and mature milk. The composition of each milk is different from each other.

Colostrum milk more as drugs rather than to drink and eat. Until, babies who drink milk usually lost weight. Moreover, colostrum milk is usually not much, on average only 30 cc in 24 hours. Hence, many women are confused, thought her breast milk has not come out. In fact, it was during the 7 days, the milk that came out just a little. But make no mistake, a drop of 1 million colostrum milk contains antibodies. Unfortunately, many people do not know about this colostrum milk, until the newborn babies are given formula. As a result, antibodies that goes very less. It certainly will affect the baby's immune system further.

While the transition milk is milk which serve as an introduction before heading to mature milk, which is solid milk that meets the needs for growth and development of infants. So, this milk to prepare the baby to digest milk digestion mature. Like a newborn baby, the first just drink milk, then start given semi-solid food, then solid food. Well, ASI also like that.

Moreover, in different times, the content of the milk was not the same. So, in the first 5-10 minutes, the milk that comes out, is called fore milk, it is more liquid / watery, lighter, more easily digested by the baby's gut. Over 10 minutes or so called hind milk, milk composition is more viscous, with protein, fat and carbohydrate is more dense.

3. Breastfeeding gives durability.

Since birth, the baby has been equipped with endurance by his mother while in the womb. Breastfeeding also stimulates the baby's immune system center to make the immune system more quickly increased. When born, the immune system, the fast descent, while the immune system in infants slowly rising. Well, with breast-fed babies receive stimuli endurance, to get faster to raise it. This is usually called active and passive immunity.

4. Breast milk gives a sense of security.
Is not occur when breastfeeding is safe and quiet atmosphere? It will remind the baby back to the sense of security in the stomach, because the baby is hugged by the womb and hear the heartbeat of the mother. Well, the mother's heartbeat is soothing. Babies also felt lulled.

Breastfeeding also makes the closeness of the relationship between the baby with the mother whose value is infinite, also intertwined. Until, he could potentially be a good boy attitude. Thus, babies who are breastfed exclusively, always in his mother's arms, caressed and loved, until he feels safe, protected, and loved. He grew up in a safe atmosphere. Therefore, he will love the environment.

Every baby that is born from the mother's womb definitely happy because her breast milk composition fitting according to their needs.

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