Sunday, August 9, 2015

7 Healthy Ways to Face Stress

There are a lot of people 'collapsed' because of stress. But there are also those with nerves of steel who actually growing when pressed situation. These people were able to see the difficulties as an opportunity to advance. No matter what the problem is, whether it's financial, family or career, steel-minded people do not let themselves be dictated by the circumstances. How they can be as strong as it was? This is the key to the answer as described psychotherapist Amy Morin in his book 13 Things Mentally Strong People Do not Do that has been translated into 20 languages.

1. Accept stress as something normal
Accept stress as an integral part of life will help you think more clearly. Instead of busy cursing and regretting, better think about how to get out of difficult situations in the right way. Strong minded people believe adage that says, where there's a will there must be a way.

2. They put the problem in perspective
In this world there is a problem that is really small, there is also the small matter that exaggerated or otherwise. People with mental steel to know where the problem where large and small. They do not mess up both so they can take the appropriate solution. One small mistake will not be allowed to destroy your entire career. Make that mistake as a lesson. While the big issue needs to be thought out way out and anticipated being repeated.

3. Have a healthy body
Adage 'In a healthy body there is a strong soul' is true. You will not be able to cope with the pressure if you are sick. Exercise regularly, get enough sleep, eating healthy foods, drinking enough water and occasionally go on vacation.

4. Looking for a healthy outlet
While there are a lot of people to flee into alcohol, smoking continuously or can not stop eating junk food when stressed, people with mental qualified overcome discomfort productive manner. They pursue hobbies, join social activities, or adventure in the wild to divert the pain.

5. Balancing social life with time for yourself
Sometimes, when stressed, there are people who are driven to always out of the house, go for a walk with friends, meals, watch and so on. They just remember back when it was already late at night. There are also people who do just the opposite. Stress when they choose to be alone in the room all day.

You will be called steel-minded if it is able to balance time for yourself dengani social activities despite being much mind. Steel-minded people know when it is appropriate to keep in touch and when to rest, reflect and think about the problem.

6. Understand life is a choice
Stress can cause a person to feel as victims. But those with strong mentally to know that something happened often as a feedback of what it does, either directly or indirectly. Was not the case, they know that they still have the option to choose a reaction to the situation that happened. Are willing to act as victims to be pitied or as an actor and director who took charge of the situation with full responsibility.

7. Thinking realistically
This will greatly help you find a way out of the most plausible. Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves or become a cynic, it is better to imitate the Mental Baja which is always cool even though the heart is hot, so you can turn a stressful situation into an opportunity to hone your brain and mental and move on.

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