Wednesday, August 5, 2015

7 Tricks Eat Less Without Realize

One way to lose weight is to restrict calories into the body. But, calculating calories per meal would be very annoying. Likewise avoid certain foods, such as burgers or fries, of course you would do it with a heavy heart. Bill Phillips, editor in chief of Men's Health revealed there are 7 techniques that can be done to restore a flat belly and the health of your body.

1. Recharge
Planned to go out to dinner with friends? Half an hour before leaving, first intake of 200 calories, you can eat a snack that contains at least 15 grams of protein. With a belly full of protein filling, the hunger hormone would be decreased. Thus, while in the restaurant, you will consume fewer calories. Two snacks that could be an option is milk containing a protein or an apple with a slice of cheese, in addition to containing fiber also contains fat.

2. Stop before full
When eating, imagine a car gas tank gauges to detect the contents of your stomach. E or empty means you're hungry and your F or Full means full. The goal is to keep half or three quarter of the stomach contents. "So, eat before the stomach is too empty and stop eating when you feel satisfied or fairly, prior abdominal bloating because it was too full," said Matt Lawson, MA, weight loss coach of iBehaviorCoach.

3. Chew until smooth
You must have heard this advice before, chew any food into the mouth as much as 40 times. In fact, there is scientific evidence behind it. In one study, men who chew more in each mouthful, eating 12 percent less than those who chew 12 times. Researchers believe, much longer chew food before swallowing, accelerating the release of gut hormones related to satiety.

4. Eat like a restaurant critic
Take the time to note the texture of food, Tasa and aroma of the food you eat. Think about where it came from and its source. Tell yourself, "Wow, grass-fed beef from Wyoming's very tasty." Phrases such as this can create a clearer memory of food, which then will make you full longer, a study in the UK found. Eating mindfully will slow you put food into the mouth.

5. Plan your grocery shopping
A study in JAMA Internal Medicine reported that shopping when hungry will generally make you meet a shopping cart with a variety of high-calorie foods. The best time to shop is after breakfast at the weekend, said Anita Mirchandani, RD, a dietitian from New York. If the timing is not right, do it before you go to spend the weekend. In addition, the study also showed that grocery shopping with a list will reduce the likelihood you buy high-calorie foods that tempt your eyes.

6. Buy new cutlery
The average plate size has been enlarged in the United States 23 percent of the last century. No wonder if at this time, many people waistline widen like a balloon. But you can outsmart by choosing colored or patterned plate. Plate this model will make small portions look big, because the plate will be visible contains, according to research results that have been published in the International Journal of Obesity if.

7. Carefully stuck very large servings
Restaurants often serves excessive portions. For example, a hamburger that should measures just 2.5 ounces in restaurants generally served with a size of 5.3 ounces. To avoid excessive food, avoid spending it alone. Share with friends and remove the thought that you are not satisfied with a half portion.

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