Sunday, August 2, 2015

Avoid Green Tea During Pregnancy

Besides green tea tastes delicious, too often consumed because the women to help lose weight. In addition, green tea does not undergo much oxidation process, so that the content and antioxidant benefits are still very high. However, if the safe is green tea consumed by pregnant women?

Actually, green tea scent safely consumed by pregnant women, just not allowed to enjoy it too much and often. Even contain high antioxidants, consumption of excessive and often can make pregnant women at risk for pregnancy problems. Some of the disorder include:

1. Caffeine into the placenta
If the intake of caffeine in the body is too high, then the caffeine will enter into the blood circulation. Worse, caffeine can get into the placenta. Your baby's metabolism is not mature enough to be able to "process" of caffeine so that it will become poison in the baby's body.

2. Influence of folic acid levels
Increased consumption of green tea was able to affect the levels of folic acid in the body. Folic acid deficiency can cause neural tube defects in babies.

3. Low Birth weight
Green tea contains 20-50 mg of caffeine per serving, depending on the variety. The high caffeine per serving will affect the baby's weight. If pregnant women eat too much tea, the baby will be at risk of having a low body weight.

4. Increasing levels of caffeine
Many obstetricians recommend to reduce the levels of caffeine in the body, to reduce blood pressure. Typically, pregnant women reduce caffeine by reducing copies. In fact, green tea also contains caffeine at moderate levels. So pregnant women also need to limit their intake of green tea in a day.

5. Affect the absorption of iron
Too much green tea can affect your health because it can reduce the absorption of iron is obtained from the consumption of meat and vegetables. It is quite dangerous because actually when pregnant, you need a lot of iron for growing children and also your health.

6. Dehydration
Caffeine is a diuretic in the body, so that increased consumption of green tea makes you urinate frequently, and eventually the body become dehydrated. If not matched by drinking water that is quite a lot, you will experience severe dehydration.

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