Sunday, August 2, 2015

5 Foods for a Healthier Heart

Today, heart disease became one of the main causes of death in both men and women. However, the good news, we can prevent it with a healthy lifestyle. Start replacing and familiarize you with the lifestyle more healthy lifestyle not only provide long-term benefits for health, also will help blood circulation, helps improve circulation, trim waistline to be able to increase the energy and speed of the brain.

Dr. Steven Masley, a cardiologist and member of the American Heart Association, revealed five foods that can meningatkan your heart health, both for now and for the long term.

1. Consumption of fiber
If you always measure daily intake, preferred fiber. Fiber can be found in vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts. Consumption of fiber can appetite, improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation and slow down aging.

The challenge is to consume 30 grams of fiber each day. However, eating fiber in the form of grains too often is also not good for health. Preferably, the fiber is consumed; 3 cups of vegetables, 2 kinds of fruit (for example, a bowl of strawberries and apples), 2 handfuls of nuts, ½-1 cup of grain.

2. Healthy fats
You do not need to follow a low-fat diet to be healthy, you need to do is eat more healthy fats.

Clinical studies showed that the consumption of fat from seafood, olive oil and nuts lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke, without adding weight. You can enjoy the fat of the avocado and dark chocolate as well. These healthy fats are also very important for the brain and helps reduce inflammation.

3. Protein cleaner
When I refer to "protein evil", it means talking about fatty meats and dairy products are met by hormones and pesticides.

In contrast, net protein means enjoy eating seafood like grilled salmon or shellfish. As for poultry and red meat, choose organic. If you eat at the restaurant and could not find the net protein, then choose one that contains the least fat. For example, the chest on chicken or sirloin and tenderloin in red meat. Section containing the least fat generally less toxic.

4. Drinking helpful
Begin with less increase fluid intake, at least 4 glasses per day. For beverages containing caffeine, green tea most good for the body. Actually, all the tea without sugar healthy to eat. You also can still enjoy 1-3 cups of coffee per day. The most important is not excessive.

At breakfast, you can consume milk supplemented with fruits or grains, such as chia seeds. Lastly, do not be fooled by packaging juice, without fiber and grain fruit, fruit juice did not differ with soft drinks. Eating fruits instantly better than fruit juice packaging.

5. healthy food taste delicious
One important thing about food is, it must be delicious for people interested in eating. Spices and herbs such as garlic, Italian seasoning, and chili spicy make the food taste more delicious. Moreover, they also inhibit the growth of arterial plaque, increase metabolism and reduce trade.

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