Wednesday, November 30, 2016

5 Ways to Stay Healthy Keeping Metabolism in the 40s

Metabolism can slow down with age. However, 5 in this way can help you maintain a healthy metabolism.

Slow metabolism, a sign of the body takes longer to process calories into energy.

One effect is often perceived body fat becomes easier. Obesity itself can trigger a variety of health problems. Well, here's what you can do to stay healthy metabolism:

1. Select vegetables with texture "crunchy". Such as kailan, broccoli, and other vegetables that make you have to chew much longer time to eat it.

Vegetables with stems a bit hard and high in fiber, making you expend more energy to digest. It can help the body to increase calorie burning into energy as much as 10 percent.

2. Select the main meals and snacks with a high protein content, such as chicken, peas, grains, or beans.

Protein also requires more energy to digest, in addition to making you feel more full and satisfied.

3. Do 20 push ups before eating. Right before the big meal and snacking, familiarize do 20 push-ups or customize to ability.

Sports brief exercise can stimulate the body to burn more calories, or about 200 calories throughout the day. In addition, the muscle also burns more fat.

4. Drinking green tea after snacking. Green tea contains catechins, antioxidants healthy metabolism performance as much as four percent, or about 80 calories more a day.

5. Move after one hour of sitting. Research has shown that sitting for an hour or more can reduce fat-burning enzymes in the body as much as 90 percent.

Thus, a short walk sambal listen to your favorite songs before returning to continue the work.

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