Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Here's How Fruits and Vegetables Helps Weight Loss

One important step in overcoming obesity is by a healthy diet. Expand to eat vegetables and fruits rather than high-fat foods.

Nutritionist Dr. Rita Ramayulis, DCN, Kes said, the consumption of vegetables and fruits is very helpful in weight loss.

Rita explains, vegetables and fruits are a good source of fiber. The high fiber can lower the glycemic index after food ingestion. Thus, the increase in insulin immediately jumped.

"This can delay hunger. So baseball pengin eat this, it is," said Rita in the World Obesity Day event in Jakarta, Monday (31/10/2016).

In addition, the fiber in vegetables can also increase the volume of the stomach, thus making satiety so much longer. Moreover, it turns out the vegetables and fruit also helps capture the excess fat that we consume.

In fact, if the consumption of water-soluble fiber, can break the cycle of formation of cholesterol. It can keep cholesterol levels from getting too tinggi.Tak only rich in fiber, vegetables and fruit naturally contain vitamins and minerals.

Rita said their vitamins and minerals can maintain the balance of the hormone leptin, the hormone that stimulates hunger and satiety.

"The hormone leptin being insensitive when vitamins and minerals into the body does not match (bit). If enough vitamins and minerals, signals of hunger and satiety so much the better," said Rita.

Director of Communicable Disease Control Ministry of Health, Dr. Lily Sulistyowati added to measure the consumption of vegetables is easy, which is 50 percent of a dinner plate. The rest, 25 percent of dinner plates filled with protein and 25 percent are carbohydrates.

"Eat vegetables and fruits should be 4-5 servings a day. Bujan sheet of two sheets," said Lily.

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