Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Expand Fiber to Lower Cholesterol

A diet to lower cholesterol plays a major role. The main meals are proven to effectively lower cholesterol levels is the intake of fiber.

According dr.Stella Bella Sp.GK, there are two types of fiber, which is both soluble and insoluble fiber. "Fiber water-insoluble helpful for digestion and defecation, while soluble fiber can help lower cholesterol," he said in a discussion forum and Veggie Fruit Premium Ngobras in Jakarta (11/16/2016).

The soluble fiber, according to Stella, will pull cholesterol from digested food in the gut. This type of fiber also memapu reduce the amount of bile that is absorbed in the small intestine and will be issued with feces.

"Because that is absorbed a little, we will make the liver bile again. Your body uses cholesterol to make bile or fat. The more bile created liver, the more cholesterol from the blood drawn," he said.

Foods that contain fiber include vegetables and fruits, oats, or beans. Routine eating fiber can help prevent the increase in cholesterol, while also delaying hunger.

Intake of dietary fiber in Indonesia recommended 10-13 grams / day in 1000 kcal (children) and 25-30 grams in 2,100 calories in adults.

For those who already had high cholesterol, Stella advised to consult a doctor. "Is it with diet alone or need drugs to lower cholesterol," he said.

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