Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Acar Super Foods for the Brain

The food is generally known to be a filler energy and nutrients in the body, including the brain. If Speaking of fish brain has always been the number one suggestion, however, was in fact pickle contains excellent.

A study conducted by the College of William and Mary in Virginia revealed naturally fermented foods such as pickles can give a good effect for serotonin which is a chemical that is responsible for managing our moods. For people to have experience with depression or anxiety disorders, the pickles can be an antidepressant, cited Lifehack, Tuesday (15/11).

Why is the show? In fact the intestine can be considered as both a human brain. Indeed, unlike the gut brain can regulate what you feel and how you make decisions. Intestines to make a decision with the event swallow, digest and absorb nutrients and discard that are not needed for the body.

Dr. Michael Gershon, author of The Second Brain explains intestine has many neurotransmitters which are mostly owned by the brain. Neurotransmitter GABA is a group of neurons in the brain that control motor movements, vision and regulate anxiety, eating pickles or other types of fermented foods that have probiotics are considered to have regard to the treatment of disorders kecemasaan.

Research conducted by the University College Cork, Ireland, to the mice study the potential benefits of introducing probiotics into their system during stressful situations such as separation from the parent. Researchers studied probiotic treatment were able to regulate their behavior and abnormal immune response

Strengthen research of University College Cork, University of Maryland research studied the eating habits of 700 college students and found those who had fermented products in the diet did not experience social anxiety. So, in addition to events, foods such as yogurt, dark chocolate, miso soup, kimchi be a good alternative for consumption for the brain.

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