Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Relieve Painful Joints to Stay Active in Cold Weather

The rainy season and cold weather are a particular challenge for people with arthritis. Joint pain is more frequent and the pain was almost unbearable.

If you have arthritis, exercise or stay active is not an option, it is important to continue to do.

"It's really important for people with arthritis to remain physically active," said Patience White, MD, professor of medicine and pediatrics at George Washington University. "For joint health, you have to move so that the tissue around the joints become stronger."

But many people with arthritis pain are less likely to exercise. There is one study that says only 13 percent of men and eight percent of women with arthritis who exercise according to the recommendations of experts (at least 150 minutes per week).

The urge to sit at home getting stronger when the weather is cold and this fact makes joint pain worse. When the weather changed, the tissue around the joints expanded, adding to pressure on the joints so that adds to the degree of pain.

Tip to remain active in winter

1. Take a walk in the mall.

Too cold to walk outside air, especially if it's raining? "The mall is a great place to walk around because the air is warmer than the outside. Although use air conditioning, the multitude of people

who are in the mall to make the weather warmer," said Irene Blanco, MD, professor of medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and rheumatologist at Montefiore Medical Center.

2. Swim in the room.

Swimming is an excellent exercise for people with arthritis pain, because the water pressure make the joints more easily moved and can increase your range of motion.

3. Work out at home.

If you do not like the two options above, you can stay at home, but do not just sit watching TV. Move, do moderate exercise that reach all your joints.

4. Call the club arthritis in your area.

The club is an excellent place to exchange experiences with fellow sufferers of arthritis and exercise together.

Most clubs have a special exercise classes that you can follow in order to stay physically active. check the class room during winter.

5. Change your everyday activities into a workout.

"Many patients I see are not able to go to the gym or hire a coach," said Dr Blanco.

But up and down stairs, gymnastics, gardening, cleaning the house for at least 20 minutes every day is an easy activity and certainly you can do anytime at home.

Blanco added, wearing a little burden on the ankle can increase the intensity of your workouts will become more feasible and beneficial to the joints.

Adjust the weight with each of your ability, try not to exceed the capabilities nor too light to achieve maximum results.

6. Work out with the help of a DVD.

You do not know what the right form of exercise for people with arthritis? Try to find a DVD that provides special sports instruction arthritis and joint pain sufferers. If you can not find it in the store, you can look it up on the internet or on Youtube.

Taichi is one type of exercise that is recommended for people with arthrtitis besides yoga.

If you want to enjoy the cold weather while moving the body out of the house, consider these things:

- Make sure you stay warm.

- Wear gloves.

- If necessary, use a face mask.

- Wear layered clothing.

- If you are not sure, whether the type of exercise you want good or not for the joints, ask your doctor.

- If you have osteoarthritis, you may be more brittle bones. Pastika if you walk or exercise, you do so in areas that are not slippery and flat berpemukaan so you do not stumble and fall, then you become a bone injury.

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