Sunday, November 6, 2016

Vegetable protein glut Longer

In one study, participants who consumed vegetables with high protein content, eat 12-13 percent less than the participants who ate other foods.

Finding a way to feel fuller for longer is one key to successfully lose weight. Now, scientists are getting a pretty effective way after conducting a new study.

Research shows, vegetable protein can make you feel more satisfied and satiated after eating. It can stop the habit of calorie-laden snack between meals.

During the study, 43 young men from Denmark were asked to eat breakfast with different menus for two weeks.

There are 3 options menu burger, which is a burger made of high-protein meat, burger made of high-protein vegetables, and burgers made of vegetables are low in protein. All menus are served with mashed peas.

Participants reported that they were most satisfied and full longer when eating burgers made from high vegetable protein, combined with mashed peas.

The scientists also found that participants ate 12 to 13 percent fewer calories, or about 105 calories less, after eating the burger types, rather than when eating another burger types.

And more surprisingly, participants said, satisfaction when eating high-protein vegetable burger the same as when eating burger meat, Live Science reported.

According to the researchers, whose results were published in the journal Food and Nutrition, this could be due to the high amount of fiber in vegetables. Fibers themselves contribute to a feeling of fullness.

Anne Raben, senior author of the study and professor of obesity research at the University of Copenhagen says, the body does not break down the fiber, so that the fibers remain in the digestive tract until it leaves the body.

In addition, the proteins will be digested and absorbed into the body, so that the components can be used. That is what makes us satisfied and full longer.

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