Monday, November 7, 2016

How Smoking Can Cause Cancer

A study in the United States back to show the dangers of smoking to health. The study found a gene mutation that can damage the cells of the body if the consumption of cigarettes a pack per day for one year.

Researchers in the United States analyzed more than 5,000 malignant tumors or cancer. They compared the cancer patients who smoke and do not smoke.

DNA of smokers, researchers found DNA damage. Damage to DNA or gene mutations that can cause the formation of cancer cells.

Specifically, researchers found 150 gene mutation in every cell lung for a year if every day spend a pack of cigarettes.

The study, published in the journal Science also shows, on average, been 97 mutation in every cell in the larynx or voice box, 39 mutations in the cells of the pharynx or throat, 23 mutations in the cells of the mouth, 18 mutations in the bladder, and 6 mutations in cells in the liver.

Each gene mutations could potentially damage the body's cells. I wonder what happens if the consumption of more than one pack of cigarettes per day and you have been smoking for many years.

These findings if only to explain why smoking can cause cancer. So far the smoking was associated with a risk of 17 types of cancer.

"Previously, we had plenty of epidemiological evidence linking smoking to cancer. But now we really can see and measure changes in the DNA molecule from smoking," said study co-author, Ludmil Alexandrov from the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The habit of smoking is estimated to have killed six million people per year worldwide. WHO predicts that more than 1 billion deaths from smoking in this century.

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