Tuesday, November 15, 2016

7 Health Benefits of corn silk

Usually, when it will consume the corn we will get rid of the hair is not it? As it turned out, we realized that it was very nutritious corn silk, thus providing many benefits to health. Very often we are not aware of certain natural ingredients are very nutritious, including corn silk. Imagine, all this time we had wasted an opportunity to benefit the health of the hair of corn as follows:

Preventing kidney stones
With the ability to flush toxins and nitrate compounds that accumulate in the kidneys, corn silk can prevent kidney stones. So, do not waste corn silk yes.

Improving the ability of blood clots
Corn silk was rich in vitamin K. Therefore, corn silk can increase the blood's ability to clot. Thus, preventing excessive blood loss during wounded.

Lowering blood sugar levels
Corn silk can manage imbalance of insulin production in the body. In addition, corn silk also has the ability to lower blood sugar levels, thus treating the symptoms of diabetes.

controlling cholesterol
Other health benefits of corn silk is dispel the cholesterol that accumulates in the arteries and take it out. Therefore, corn silk can lower high cholesterol.

Improve digestive health
Corn silk has the ability to increase the production of a healthy digestive fluids. Thus, corn silk will improve digestive health and appetite.

Treat bladder infections
Other health benefits of corn silk is to treat a bladder infection. Because, hair corn can kill the microbes that affect the bladder.

Preventing heart disease
Corn silk has the ability to reduce high cholesterol and excess fat in the body. Therefore, corn silk will also help prevent heart disease. Quoted from page Boldsky, Tuesday (15/11/2016).
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