Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Creating New Brain Cells with Physical Activity It

The experts found strong evidence that physical activity can help brain cells create new ones. This means that memory was better although age continues to grow.

A group of researchers from the University of Ottawa Canada to publish research on the benefits of physical activity on the brain.

Previously there are many studies showing that exercise likely to result in neurogenesis or repair brain cells and also the formation of new brain cells.

Because our brain is made of billions of neurons, the more neurogenesis means a good indication for brain health. This is similar to looking at a city and see there are lots of cranes and construction teams are working to build the building.

The positive benefits of exercise on the brain can be achieved by various means, such as a new exercise, will increase the brain's ability to repair the connections.

All kinds of sports are basically positive benefit for the body, but neurogenesis can only be triggered if we do aerobic exercise within a specified period. However, such high intensity interval exercise in cross fit note did not give similar benefits in terms of brain repair.

Well, the known types of aerobic exercise can improve brain cell is when we experienced a runner's high (very pleasant feeling when running).

Runner's high occurs because of natural opium produced by the body during exercise. The substance is a strong influence on the brain, particularly those associated with emotional processes. Our bodies also produce natural anti-depressant. This positive feeling is closely related to the growth of brain cells that is new.

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