Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Brown Sugar Efficacious for Treating Flu

This time you are faced with uncertain weather that accompanies your activity. Especially when it rains, making you prone to flu very uncomfortable.

Because your immune system decreases in the rainy season. Not to mention the environmental influences are dirty and full virus everywhere.

If you are experiencing flu, than go to the doctor or taking medicine, you better make natural herbs to relieve symptoms. Here are three kinds, cited Timesofindia, Tuesday (08/11/2016).

Brown sugar
Brown sugar potent relieve sore throats. Not only that, a sweetener that is produced in a way to this traditional help relieve colds and coughs. It was thanks to the basic ingredients that made from palm sugar that can cure the infection yourself.

Water ginger honey
Honey is known to soothe a sore throat. Meanwhile, ginger has antibiotic properties. Drink a glass of water mixed with honey ginger suda while warm. If you regularly sip, flu will disappear within a maximum of three days.

Turmeric can be processed in various ways. When the flu, consumption of food or drink based with turmeric. The content curcuminnya can boost your immune system, as well repel flu virus from the body.

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