Sunday, June 5, 2016

5 Surprising Benefits of Dates

Dates are one of the fruits that are identical at the time of Ramadan. The fruit that comes from the Middle East is indeed highly recommended to be consumed at the time of breaking the fast. Besides the sweet taste, dates are also rich in health benefits.

As said by dr. Fala Adina product launches Nafaoura in Bonobo Bar & Grill, Jakarta (2/6) that the date palm has good benefits for our bodies, including:

1. Controlling appetite when breaking
When breaking Fasting usually we always want to eat a variety of foods because of lust for revenge after fasting all day. But if we start breaking the fast by eating dates, we can control hunger when breaking the fasting that we will not overeat when breaking.

2. Easily digested
Venturing open Fasting to eat the palm fruit would not be surprising stomach had been fasting all day. Palm fruit we consume will release substances that activate the digestive system has been resting during fasting.

3. Source of Energy
Consume dates at the time of breaking the fasting is the right choice. The content of glucose and fructose yaang contained in the palm fruit is a source of energy that can help the body back in shape after a long day of fasting.

4. Prevent constipation
Sometimes we experience indigestion during fasting, it is caused by a lack of fiber in the body. The soluble fiber and amino acids contained in the system date benefit to help lighten the work of our digestive system.

5. Balancing the acidity of the blood
Dates can balance the acidity of the blood tend to rise when breaking. Usually increased blood acidity is due to the consumption of meat and carbohydrate when eaten during fasting.

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