Thursday, June 30, 2016

Disturbing symptoms of PMS? Overcome with 5 stars Food

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists said that 85 percent of menstruating women experience one or more symptoms of PMS such as bloating, cramps, irritability, hunger to breakouts. Some women usually deal with the symptoms of PMS with taking drugs or drink special menstruation.

Gynecologists from Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, Justin Shelton, assessing drug and drink special menstruation is not the answer. Diet, said Shelton, have a significant role to what is experienced by women during menstruation.

Therefore, eating the right foods during the menstrual period can ease PMS symptoms interfere. Here are five foods that can ease PMS symptoms as reported by Fitness Magazine.

Avocado for Stomach Cramps
Avocados contain vitamins and minerals that are very diverse. In addition, a registered dietician from New York, Kristen Carlucci, also said that the avocado is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that help the body fight inflammation and relieve pain due to cramps during menstruation.

Consumption of avocados during menstruation can be done in various ways such as adding avocado slices into the bread Alpis, or cultivate avocados into guacamole to accompany vegetables or snacks. Avocados also be processed into fresh drinks like smoothies.

Tuna for Attitude Hurry Anger and Fatigue
Fat is not always an enemy to health. Fatty acids in salmon, almonds and olive oil can actually provide health benefits for the body, especially during menstruation. Recent research from the Reproductive Health found that the consumption of drugs capsule contains three essential fatty acid is about 1 gram can alleviate the symptoms of PMS.

Registered dietician Rima Kleiner said the same benefits can be obtained without capsules. By eating salmon, the body will get the intake of fatty acids DHA and EPA are quite so bad mood which was originally due to symptoms of PMS can be improved. In addition, the B vitamins in salmon also can relieve irritable attitude as well as increase energy for women who are menstruating.

Brazil nuts for Acne
One complaint that comes when women menstruate is acne. To treat acne during menstruation, Brazil nuts can be the right option. Brazil nuts contain nutrients and antioxidants that can beautify the skin.

Nutritionists Christian Carlucci said levels of selenium, vitamin E and fatty acids in the Brazil nut can serve to moisturize the skin, neutralizing the oil production and also reduce skin inflammation. By doing so, acne that may emerge during menstruation can be prevented.

Nonfat yogurt for Excess Stomach Bloating and Hunger
Probiotics and calcium in yogurt can alleviate some of the symptoms of PMS. Obstetricians Justin Shelton said calcium-rich foods may relieve menstrual cramps result. Because the lining of the uterus during menstruation layer called the myometrium naturally will experience kekuarangn calcium. High dietary intake of calcium can fill the gap.

In addition, the intake of calcium and probiotics from nonfat yogurt also can reduce water retention in the body. That way, bloating and excessive hunger due to menstruation can be resolved.

Dark Chocolate for Fatigue
Behind the bitter and sweet taste of dark chocolate, there are good benefits that can be obtained by women who are menstruating. The antioxidant levels and the ability to encourage the production of endorphins of dark chocolate can reduce PMS symptoms that interfere.

Obstetricians Justin Shelton said dark chocolate can improve blood circulation to the brain, so that menstruating women will feel more energetic. Smoothening the flow of blood to the brain which then can relieve fatigue and brain fog are common during menstruation.
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