Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How Much Salt Consumption Per Day Fair

Excess salt intake is often associated with the risk of high blood pressure that can lead to stroke and heart attack. Therefore, the consumption of salt per day should be kept within reasonable limits recommended.

General practitioners of Cambridge, Dr. Mike Knapton, said threshold recommended salt intake is 6 grams per day. While the average salt consumed per individual per day is 8 grams.

"Some people consume less, others consume more, depending on diet," said Dr. Knapton as reported by Cambridge News.

To watch, continued Dr. Knapton, salt is 'hidden' in fast food and processed. In a pack of instant noodles, for example, there are as many as 5.8 grams of salt, equivalent to 97 percent of the maximum amount of salt that should be consumed per day according to a British expert recommendations.

One way out is effective enough to limit salt intake 'hidden' Dr. Knapton is in collaboration with food manufacturers. In bakery products, for example, a manufacturer could be encouraged to produce bread that contain less salt. Salt reduction in bread products rated Dr. Knapton will not be too conscious consumer.

"Pretty much the percentage of salt we consume comes from bread. One strategy is quite successful in the last 10 years is in cooperation with food manufacturers and retailers to sell low-salt bread on the shelves," said Dr. Knapton.

On the other hand, the intake of salt also should not be below the threshold. Recent studies show that salt intake of less than 3 grams per day can cause serious health problems. Other studies have also shown that salt intake is too low can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and death.

In the new study, the danger of a shortage of salt intake of less than 3 grams is not only haunt people with high blood pressure. People with low blood pressure and also the owner of normal blood pressure did not escape the risk of serious illness if consumed less than 3 grams of salt per day, reported by the Cambridge News.

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