Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pun Healthy Food Can Be Toxic

When consumed in sufficient quantities, these healthy foods not only give you energy, but also the nutrients it needs to stay fit, including maintaining a healthy weight. However, some abortion can turn into poison if consumed too much

Spinach, beets, and radishes

Each of these vegetables is a power plant with a myriad of nutrition. Usefulness for health, no question about it. However, both the beets, spinach, and turnips high natural compounds called oxalates.

Oxalate work as prebiotics to feed the healthy bacteria in the gut. But if you are prone to kidney stones, eating too much oxalate can be detrimental to health.

"The kidneys should filter these compounds and dispose of it. But for someone who is prone to kidney stones, kidney will be more difficult to process it, which can cause buildup and the formation of kidney stones," said dietitian Jessica said Cording.

For the case of the kidney, it is best to avoid foods high in oxalate altogether. Nutritionists can help you find alternative lower oxalate, such as cabbage or cauliflower.

Brown rice

Complex carbohydrates is synonymous with a healthy lifestyle. However, rice is very easy to absorb arsenic from soil and water. And red and brown rice tend to absorb more heavy metals than other types of rice.

Arsenic alone are carcinogens-cancer-triggering substances, and currently there is no safe limit of arsenic in food consumption.

But experts, including those who are members of the Environmental Working Group, agrees that you do not need to avoid the red or brown rice from your diet completely.

"If you usually eat rice every day, try to be varied with quinoa, farro, or millet," said Cording.

This includes eating packaged foods that contain ingredients such as rice brown rice syrup (which is often used to sweeten cereal or granola bars). It is better to eat once in a while instead of every day.

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