Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Eating Tomatoes Improve Sperm Quality

Such as fruits and vegetables, tomatoes contain vitamins and antioxidants that nourish the body. However, the red fruits have turned out to have other benefits, namely for male fertility.

Numerous studies have proven, lycopene in tomatoes can increase sperm count by up to 70 percent. Lycopene is a substance that makes tomatoes red and as an antioxidant that helps counteract the free radicals in the body.

This time the researchers also wanted to know whether lycopene can also prevent damage to sperm DNA. Overall, the researchers wanted to see whether the consumption of tomatoes can improve sperm quality.

The study is divided into two groups, where one group will be given supplements of lycopene for a certain period of time, while the other group was not given.

The results of the research while seeing the relationship between lycopene and quality of sperm. By doing so, men would have a reason to eat more than one tomato per day on a regular basis.

Male reproductive health experts in London Professor Roger Kirby, previously also have long recommended the use of lycopene was to improve the quality of sperm.

Researchers from the University of Sheffield is also developing a pill of tomato to enhance male fertility.

The hope, giving tomato pill can help couples experiencing infertility or infertility. Therefore, one of the infertility problem is the poor quality of male sperm. Buffer sperm quality seen from the number, shape, speed of movement of sperm, to the DNA of sperm.

A number of other studies have also found lycopene may slow the progression of prostate cancer and slows prostate enlargement.

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