Wednesday, June 29, 2016

It Happens If You Stop Eating Sugar

Food and drinks are created with sugar content vary. Not a few people who give extra sugar when food or drinks they consume tasted bland. That's why a lot of people who depend by eating sugar. But what about when a person stops eating sugar?

Launched in Boldsky, there are some things that will happen if a person stops eating sugar.

A little feeling tired
By increasing your intake of sugar can cause the release of a hormone called cortisol. This hormone functions to help a person to sleep soundly. So, the less a person eating sugar, it tends to be a little tired.

Cure some diseases
Increase the intake of sugar in foods or drinks can increase blood pressure, insulin levels and heart rate. However, reducing the intake of sugar causes a lack of blood pressure and decreased levels of triglycerides and LDL bad cholesterol.

Reducing inflammation
Adding sugar intake can trigger inflammation levels. Studies show that when people face the problem of acne and stop eating sugar, their inflammation level decreased to some extent.

Reducing diabetes
Most people know if you consume a lot of sugar can cause diabetes. Added sugar build up the amount of fat in the liver that causes insulin resistance. This would weaken the role of the pancreas and insulin production stops. Thus, when a person stops consuming added sugar, it can protect themselves from the disease diabetes.

Stopping weight gain
Adding sugar intake can increase the caloric content. The more sugar is consumed, then made her gain weight. So, when a person stops consuming additional sugar, it will stop the weight gain.

make focus
Added sugar intake, although not much can harm brain cells. This will damage the communication between brain cells and causes memory loss. It will have an impact on learning difficulties. So, when a person stops consuming additional sugar, his mind will tend to focus and sharp.

make happy
The study found that added sugar intake can make changes in mood such as irritability and anxiety. So, when a person stops consuming additional sugar, it will tend to live happier.

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