Sunday, June 26, 2016

Not chili or Guava Triggering Inflammation of appendicitis

Too much eating spicy often called can cause appendicitis because cabainya seeds. Similarly, eating guava. However, most cases of appendicitis encountered was not due often eat chili and guava.

Clinical nutrition specialist Inge Permadhi revealed, appendicitis can actually triggered due to lack of drinking or body fluids deficiencies.

"The cause of appendicitis when checked it was not there chilli seeds that come in, but often because there was feces, dirt black, dry, go to the appendix," said Inge in Jakarta, Tuesday (06/22/2016).

Inge explained, though it was a lot of eating fiber, but if less drinking, still can not push the food waste to the outside of the body.

In the intestine, fiber-shaped clot that need fluid to inflate and then trigger a bowel movement. Get plenty of fiber without adequate fluid intake can actually cause the dirt to accumulate.

Finally, the occurrence of constipation or bowel movements are not smooth. The residual impurities that are not removed from the body can be trapped in the appendix which eventually can harden and block access to the appendix. This is what can trigger inflammation in the appendix.

Inge also reminded the importance of meeting the needs of body fluids. Within a day, consume at least 8 glasses of water to maintain hydration of the body.

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