Sunday, June 26, 2016

Avoid Aging with Gratitude

Those who see aging as a negative thing, it would be faster to experience the signs of aging, according to a new study.

Although when first discovered gray hair, you may feel a bit miserable, the aging process should not disturb your sleep kenyeyakkan. Because, this is part of life.

Constantly obsessed and concerned with increasing age and increasing number of gray hairs you, it will accelerate the aging process, according to a new study published in Personality and Individual Differences.

These findings are part of the Irish Longitudinal Study on Aging, at Trinity College in Dublin. As part of this study, the researchers followed the aging process more than 4,000 adults and they found an interesting relationship between how you feel each individual against the aging process with the results of physical and mental health of their truth.

First, they found that adults who had negative attitudes about aging have a walking speed slower and worse cognitive ability, two years after the first assessment, this when compared with adults who see aging as a positive thing.

Finally, the researchers found that having a good attitude about the aging process has a very strong effect on how health conditions, especially on the cognitive abilities of a person.

In fact, participants with poor physical successfully maintain an optimistic attitude about aging, have better cognitive abilities than counterparts always see aging as something negative.

The moral of this study is, we should all be thankful when our birthday, gratitude will nourish our physical and keeps us from premature aging.

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