Sunday, June 12, 2016

These Common Mistakes When Cooking Eggs

Cooking eggs seem easy, simple, and everyone can do. However, apparently there are some common mistakes that we did when frying, boiling or cooking eggs as reported Thrillist following pages.

The skillet is not hot enough
When frying fried eggs, oil or butter in a frying pan should be hot enough so that the eggs are cooked evenly. Make sure the oil is foaming or bubbling before you menceplok eggs into the pan.

Water boiled less
When boiling eggs, the water in the pan should enable it to float freely. High water is recommended approximately 7.5 cm so perfect ripeness boiled eggs and do not fall to the bottom of the pan.

Feature overcooked poached egg is the color of egg yolk turns gray-green and smelled of sulfur. To prevent this from happening, heat the water gradually and boiled eggs approximately 10 to 14 minutes.

Do not soak the eggs
After a hard-boiled egg drained from the pan, immediately soak in cold water for 20 minutes. The point, to stop the cooking process and make it easier to peel.

Salt too quickly
Add salt when boiled eggs still in the pan will mess up the moisture and makes it a bit watery. Conversely, when the egg Garami be present.

Less stirred
Another common mistake is less stirring the scrambled eggs on the griddle. Stirring with the average useful for scrambled pieces are smaller and softer texture.

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